Radio 4VEH Live was founded in 1950 by American missionary Harold Reiner with the vision of reaching the people of Haiti through radio broadcasts centered on Christian values, education, and humanitarian assistance. The station’s name, “4VEH,” is derived from the Haitian Creole phrase “La Voix de l’Évangile en Haïti,” which translates to “The Voice of the Gospel in Haiti.” From the beginning, the station’s mission was to bring the message of hope, spiritual guidance, and practical knowledge to the Haitian population, which faced a myriad of challenges ranging from poverty to natural disasters.

(509) 4275-8349
Route Nationale 1 Morne Rouge Cap-Haitien, Haiti

Info of The Station

Name :  Radio 4VEH
Type :  MP3
Location :  Haiti
Language :  Haiti
Twitter : @Radio4VEH
Website :
Radio 4VEH
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