Radio Caraibes FM

Radio Caraibes FM


Radio Caraibes FM 94.5 online has been an integral part of communication and entertainment for decades, and in Haiti, one radio station stands out as a symbol of unity and cultural expression – Radio Caraibes FM 94.5. Founded in 1949, this iconic station has been serving the Haitian population with informative, engaging, and melodious content for over seven decades. It began as a local station in the heart of Port-au-Prince, broadcasting news, music, and stories that resonated with the Haitian audience. Over the years, the station’s popularity soared, reaching audiences far beyond the capital city.

Location : Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Language : French

Frequency : 94.5 FM

Social Link : Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia

Website :

Address: 45, Rue Chavannes Port au Prince, Haiti

E-mail :

Phone Number: +(509)4300-4300 / 3701-4300

Radio Caraibes FM
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