Ambiance FM

Ambiance FM


Radio Ambiance FM is a commercial radio for educational and cultural purposes for the city of Jacmel & its suburbs. Today, by creating Ambiance FM, my desire is to start a new generation of young radio based on relaxation. Atmosphere FM also wants to take into account the whole of everyday life: social, political, economic, fun, cultural & musical. This is true professional programs established on a musical format interspersed with short information & comedie constituting a dynamic in the programs to a wide audience.

Ambiance FM is the essential communication tool for the services of all. FM atmosphere is totally independent; she determines her policy; she is not the mouthpiece of any organization, group or cartel. However Ambiance FM is neither neutral nor objective Of bias, it strictly respects the expression of all but privileges those who are moving towards less oppression, exploitation. Against the standardization of consciences, she wants to be a radio of differences. Atmosphere FM favors the debates of ideas and opens its waves with the remarks and the contradictory positions. As such, it does not practice any censorship except racist, fascist or sexist propaganda.

Info of The Station

Name :  Ambiance FM
Type :  MP3
Location : Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Language : French
Twitter :  @Ambiancefm
Website :
Ambiance FM
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