Radio 3 Cadena Patagonia

Radio 3 Cadena Patagonia


Radio 3 Cadena Patagonia communicates its projects adorn their playlists for a socially and socially different group of onlookers. Notwithstanding the scattering of an assortment of data and diversion programs, Radio 3Cadena Patagonia communicates different neighborhood creations. His creations and based data programs contain current issues, culinary, social, diversion and sports fields. They are filling in as a scaffold among audience members and music.

Contacts info of Radio
Address: 25 de Mayo 740 CP9100
Phone: +54 0280 4435221

Info of The Station

Name : Radio 3 Cadena Patagonia
Location : Argentina
Language : Spanish
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook
Website :
Radio 3 Cadena Patagonia
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