Radio Sedaye Zandegi – Sadaye Zindagi (Sound of Life) broadcasts radio for Afghanistan, mainly in the Dari language. Programmes are produced by Afghan christians.


Name : Radio Sedaye Zandegi
Location : Kabul, Afghanistan
Language : Dari
Website :

radio sedaye zandegi
Radio Sedaye Zandegi
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Pamir Ministries - The Story of Creation: Who Created the World? / داستاÙ? Ø®Ù?Ù?ت: Ú©Û? اÛ?Ù? دÙ?Û?ا را Ø¢Ù?رÛ?دØ?
Pamir Ministries - 03 - Anti-corruption / 03 - Ù?بارزÙ? با Ù?ساد
Pamir Ministries - Adam and Eve: Man Is Separated From God Through Sin / آدÙ? Ù? Ø­Ù?ا: اÙ?ساÙ? در Ù?تÛ?جÛ? Ú¯Ù?اÙ? از خدا جدا شد
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