WVON 1690 AM

WVON 1690 AM

United States

WVON 1690 AM is a radio station based in Chicago, Illinois, that is focused on providing news and talk programming to its listeners. The station is well-known for its coverage of important local and national issues, with an emphasis on social justice, politics, and current events. WVON has a diverse range of talk shows and hosts, many of whom are respected experts and personalities in their respective fields.

Listeners can tune in to WVON for engaging discussions and analysis on a wide range of topics, including news, politics, economics, social issues, and much more. The station is committed to providing a platform for voices that may be underrepresented in mainstream media, making it an important source of information and analysis for communities across Chicago and beyond.

In addition to its talk programming, WVON also provides regular news updates and features, ensuring that listeners are informed about the latest developments both locally and globally. Overall, WVON 1690 AM is an important voice in the world of news and talk radio, offering a vital service to its audience and helping to shape public discourse on the most important issues of the day.


Name : WVON 1690 AM
Location : Chicago, USA
Language : English
Frequency : 1690 AM
Owner : Pollack Broadcasting
Website : wvon.com
Address: 800 South Wells, Suite #130 and #170, Chicago, IL 60607
Phone Number: (773) 247-6200

WVON 1690 AM
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