Addicted to Radio

Addicted to Radio

United States

Addicted to Radio is an fm radio station. It is broadcasting vintage hit songs. It has license to broadcast radio in USA and the station acts the actual Wiregrass Area. It plays well-liked artists’ songs along with numerous songs styles such as rock and roll night and day 24 hours live on the internet. It’s among most widely used radio station with this nation one of the individuals of age range.

Founded by Kenny Jammin Jason, A Chicago DJ for 35 years…. What started out as clubfmradio, to 1CLUB.FM and now a place where there’s no confusion and no doubt where you get ADDICTED TO RADIO.

We changed our name because no one ever got the other one correct! It was too confusing so now…. there’s no mistake as to what and who we are. You can heart us more because we give you more to heart us for – THE MUSIC. What’s the point of having 1,500 channels of music if they’re all playing commercials every time you tune in? We give you all the music with very little commercials if any at all.

Addicted to Radio is where you get your fix for all of our popular channels, Dance Hits, Mix 106, Channel 1 Top 40, Bar Rockin’ Blues, 70s Pop, 80s Pop, 90s Pop, WBMX Hot Mix Classics, Hit Kicker Country, Great Golden Grooves, G93 (Today’s Hard Rock), Classic New Wave and more.

Name :  Addicted to Radio
Type :  MP3
Country :  USA
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Addicted to Radio
Addicted to Radio
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