91.9 Love Radio Bacolod

91.9 Love Radio Bacolod


91.9 Love Radio Bacolod is also complemented by its engaging and dynamic DJs who bring their unique personalities and styles to the airwaves. These DJs are often seen as friends and confidants by their listeners, as they share stories, insights, and anecdotes that resonate with the local community. Their warm and personable approach creates a sense of intimacy and familiarity, making Love Radio Bacolod a comforting and reliable source of entertainment and companionship.


Location : Philippines, Bacolod City

Language : Pilipino

Frequency : 91.9 FM

Owner : Manila Broadcasting

Social Link : Twitter, Facebook

Website : https://www.loveradio.com.ph

E-mail : loveradiobacolod@yahoo.com

Phone Number: +(34) 434-4080

Address: The Penthouse, Wilrose Building, Burgos-Locsin St., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

91.9 Love Radio Bacolod
Love Radio Bacolod
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