Olímpica Stereo 105.9 FM

Olímpica Stereo 105.9 FM


Olímpica Stereo 105.9 FM, also known as Olímpica Stereo FM Bogotá, is a popular radio station in Colombia. Olímpica Stereo is a network of radio stations with multiple frequencies across the country. Each station is identified by its specific frequency, such as 105.9 FM in the city of Bogotá.

Olímpica Stereo 105.9 FM is well-known for its diverse programming, including a mix of music genres, entertainment shows, talk shows, and news segments. It caters to a wide audience, attracting listeners of all ages with its varied content.

The station’s music selection typically includes a blend of popular music, Latin hits, reggaeton, vallenato, salsa, and other genres enjoyed by Colombian audiences. It plays a crucial role in promoting local and regional music while also featuring international hits.


Location : Colombia

Language : Spanish

Frequency : 105.9 FM

Social Link : Twitter, Facebook

Website : http://olimpicastereo.com.co

E-mail : bogota@olimpicastereo.com.co

Phone Number: +57 1 5341179

Whatsapp: +573206501059

Olímpica Stereo 105.9 FM
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