City Music


City Music transmits Belgium songs that vary too from genre to genre. Every week, listen to thousands of listeners in the car, at home, in the store or at work.
City-Music offers entrepreneurs a range of advertising opportunities on the radio, and, importantly, for every budget. A whole month of advertising on our station is even cheaper than an ad in a daily or weekly. So many potential customers in East Flanders and Brussels Westrand accessible to any business, large or small.

It has editions in Aalst, Ghent, Ninove, Wetteren, Pajottenland, Asse-Ternat, Dendermonde, Zottegem, Brussels West, and can also be received via our popular Internet stream. Advertising is possible on the whole network, or in one or more editions. For example, your advertising budget solely devoted to the potential customers from the region, those people that you actually want to achieve. Advertising on CityMusic is so opt for maximum results.

Name :  City Music
Type :  MP3
Country :  Belgium
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