Radio FM Tinkunaco

Radio FM Tinkunaco


Radio FM Tinkunaco 107.3 Mhz is a Community Radio that is situated within the San Atilio neighborhood, Jose C Paz district, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Our aim is to offer places for participation, training and communication. Primarily, we offer spaces to community groups as well as social movements, centres for culture, student centers, and workers as well as their unions, such as railwaymen, teachers and railwaymen. Their work, their hopes and struggle. FM Tinkunaco was born in October 1997. We are currently building “La Tinkunaco” on the street with neighbors. We are participating in various ways that are local, regional National, and International.

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Phone Number: +54 9 11 6690-5002


Name : Radio FM Tinkunaco
Location : Buenos Aires, Argentina
Language : Spanish
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Radio FM Tinkunaco
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