WXIN 90.7 FM

WXIN 90.7 FM

United States

WXIN 90.7 FM was broadcasting from the campus of Rhode Island College in Providence as 1979. The channel gives an atmosphere for students to know about the skill and art of wireless broadcasting. WXIN Radio is your air support of those pupils at Rhode Island College and is currently financed by Student Community Government, Inc..

Address: 600 Mount Pleasant Avenue Providence
Phone: +1 401-456-8288
Email: gm@ricradio.org

Info of The Station

Name : WXIN 90.7 FM
Location : Rhode Island, USA
Language :  English
Frequency : 90.7 FM
Owner : Rhode Island College
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia
Website : ricradio.org

WXIN 90.7 FM
WXIN 90.7 FM
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