Miami SoundSets

Miami SoundSets

United States

Miami SoundSets Radio – Every night the Ocean Drive is called for his brilliant party atmosphere – at the sunset, with a cocktail in the lounge chair, in the background are running the finest and most fashionable beach tunes. Anyone who hasn’t booked the club in advance or is not on the guest list, it will be hard to enjoy this atmosphere. But not so with mth.House if aleXsir (Streamrocker) exactly bring this sound to your homespeakers. Of course you can enjoy the Show via webcam doing their job at the turntables. This is the best way to enjoy at online by listening this radio.


Info of The Station

Name : Miami SoundSets
Location : USA
Language : English
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook
Website :
Miami SoundSets
Miami SoundSets
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