Onda Marina 106.3 FM

Onda Marina 106.3 FM


Onda Marina 106.3 FM is a live radio station located in the Canelones Department in Uruguay, specifically in La Paloma. This station specializes in playing a diverse range of music genres, including Latin, pop, and entertainment music. If you’re in the area and looking for a radio station to enjoy some lively tunes, you can tune in to Onda Marina 106.3 FM for a musical experience that caters to your taste. Whether you’re into Latin rhythms, pop hits, or simply seeking some entertainment through music, this station has something for everyone.

Language : Spanish

Frequency : 106.3 FM

Social Link : Facebook

Website : http://www.ondamarinafm.com

E-mail : darioizaguirre@gmail.com

Onda Marina 106.3 FM
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