BBC Radio 2 Live UK

BBC Radio 2 Live UK

United Kingdom

BBC Radio 2 Live UK, launched in 1967, is a flagship radio station operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). It is widely recognized as the most popular radio station in the UK, attracting millions of listeners each week. Radio 2 offers a mix of music, news, documentaries, live performances, and entertainment shows, catering to a broad demographic of listeners.

BBC Radio 2 Live UK has a rich history that spans over five decades. Initially, it was envisioned as a successor to the Light Programme, targeting an older audience with a diverse selection of music. Over the years, Radio 2 has evolved to cater to changing tastes and demographics, continuously adapting its programming to stay relevant.

Language : English

Frequency : 88-91 FM

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Phone Number: +44 370 350 0500

BBC Radio 2 Live UK
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