City 1016 FM Live

City 1016 FM Live

United Arab Emirates

City 1016 FM Live is a popular radio station located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a Hindi-language radio station that caters to the South Asian community in the region, playing a mix of Bollywood music, as well as local and international hits.

In addition to its music programming, City 1016 FM Live features a team of engaging and charismatic presenters who provide listeners with a range of entertaining and informative shows, including news updates, talk shows, celebrity interviews, and live events coverage.

The station has won several awards for its high-quality programming, and is known for its commitment to community service, with regular initiatives and campaigns aimed at raising awareness about social issues and supporting charitable causes. City 101.6 FM is a top choice for anyone looking to stay connected to the latest in Bollywood music and South Asian culture, while also staying informed about local and global events.


Name : City 101.6 FM
Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Language : Hindi
Frequency : 1016 AM
Social Link : Twitter
Website :

City 1016 FM Live
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