Радио Пятница

Radio Pyatnica


Radio Pyatnica – what is it? And we better ask you what day of the week is today? Do not rush to look at the calendar, it is absolutely unimportant, because with Radio “Friday” the day of the week is always the same – pleasant, cheerful and relaxing. One word – Friday!

Contacts info of Radio
Address: 04107, Киев, ул. Кирилловская, 104-а
Phone: +38 (044) 377 55 97
Email: radiopyatnica@radiogroup.com.ua
СМС на 7610 первое слово «Пятница» (Стоимость услуг стандартная для Вашего оператора)

Info of The Station

Name : Радио Пятница
Location : Ukraine
Language : Ukrainian
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook
Website : radiopyatnica.com.ua
Радио Пятница
Radio Pyatnica
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