Просто Радио

Prosto FM Ukraine


Prosto FM Ukraine – Chicken or egg? No one will remember which employee (musical, commercial or informational) on Simply Radio appeared first. Moreover, the disputes still do not subside, the employees of which department are the most indispensable ones, without whom Radi.O certainly cannot do. True, Prosto FM Ukraine is the only reason for disputes and disagreements. A huge mechanism for the production of good mood has no right to jams, misfires, delays and ungreased squeak.

Contacts info of Radio
Address: 04107, г. Киев, ул. Отто Шмидта, 6
Phone: 048 728 9128
Email: prostomadeinua@gmail.com

Info of The Station

Name : Просто Радио
Location : Ukraine
Language : Ukrainian
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook
Website : prosto.fm
Просто Радио
Prosto FM Ukraine
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