Зайцев ФМ - Disco

Зайцев ФМ – Disco


Radio Zaitsev FM (Зайцев ФМ – Disco) is just a musical entertainment and enlightening wireless constructed for an extensive variety of listeners. Here everybody else won’t just have the ability to know their favorite music, however, also get knowledgeable about new trends and styles in the realm of music, but listen not merely harshly fresh, but too old abandoned ago. Younger musicians will exhibit their own creations into their own court and share their ingenious study. Additionally, you will hear stories about literary and picture novelties. Games, quizzes, competitions between forum and chat, live communicating with all the presenters, apps on-demand, and also thematic broadcasts are much from the entire selection of events within our wireless.

Email: admin@zaycev.fm

Info of The Station

Name : Зайцев ФМ – Disco
Location : Russia
Language :  Russian
Social Link : Fb
Website : www.zaycev.fm

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