Зайцев ФМ - Bass

Зайцев ФМ – Bass


Zaitsev FM – Bass (Зайцев ФМ – Bass) The bass outbreak lasts, and we fully encourage it with all the inception of a separate station for anyone that like to try their music equipment at low frequencies. Music for bass fans – dubstep and related genres. We’ve assembled an excellent group of paths from DJs all around the universe. Turn the bass station and you’re able to turn the encouraged knob into the max. Usually this type of music is heard at the car, in the home or even at the studio good equipment. All these compositions are intended to generate a top sound pressure that’s best experienced at an area or car interior.

Email: admin@zaycev.fm

Info of The Station

Name : Зайцев ФМ – Bass
Location : Russia
Language :  Russian
Social Link : FB
Website : www.zaycev.fm

Зайцев ФМ - Bass
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