Ретро FM Сан-Ремо

Ретро FM Сан-Ремо


Ретро FM Сан-Ремо or Retro FM Sanremo – For at least 60 decades of its presence, the famed series of this Italian song “San Remo” has started into most people that a massive number of celebrities that are adored much more in Russia than in the home. Back in 2007 Retro FM was able to gather lots of them from the”Olympic”. The cartoon”Retro FM at San Remo” can be called quirky, as just about all of the Italian a-listers performed: Al Bano, Toto Cutugno, “Rikki e Believe”, Riccardo Folli, Pupo, “Matia Bazar”, Tony Esposito, Silvia Mezzanotte. We all thrilled the crowd with songs that brought them success in San Remo.

Info of The Station

Name:  Ретро FM Сан-Ремо
Location: Russia
Language:  Russian
Social Link: Twitter, Facebook
Website: Website

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