Радио Buryad FM

Радио Buryad FM


Buryad FM (Радио Buryad FM) – that the very first radio channel in Russia from the Buryat speech, broadcasts in Ulan Ude (Republic of Buryatia) at a frequency of 90.8 FM. It aired on August 25, 20-16. On the atmosphere you can discover songs of Buryat and Mongolian actors, both popular and modern previously, and”classics”, for example folk.

Address: Борсоева, 19Б — 707 офис; 7 этаж
Phone: +7‒914‒840‒49‒29
Email: buryadfm@gmail.com

Info of The Station

Name : Радио Buryad FM
Location : Russia
Language :  Russian
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook
Website : www.buryad.fm

Радио Buryad FM
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