Европа Плюс Residance - Europe Plus Residance

Европа Плюс Residance – Europe Plus Residance


Europe Plus Residance (Европа Плюс Residance) Europe Plus could be your very first commercial radio station in Russia, which began broadcasting in April 1990. At the moment, you can tune in to Europe Plus in more than 2000 cities of the country, which can be covered by 300 transmitters and satellite broadcasting. Popular music of various styles and directions sounds on the air, one of that you will discover the hottest hits of the cleverest musical domestic and Western stars. Radio Europe Plus is a charge of favorable emotions for that whole day!

Info of The Station

Name : Европа Плюс Residance
Location : Russia
Language :  Russian
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia
Website : www.europaplus.ru

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