101.RU - Euro Hits

101 RU – Euro Hits


101 RU – Euro Hits – The majority of the very most inquisitive strikes result in Europe! With no wonder! This is the way we create a radio channel. Just a goal way of article selection. On the atmosphere, adjacent to each other, you can find strikes from Hurts and Ian Carrey, Sunrise Avenue and Dash Berlin, LMFAO and Aura Dion, both Texas and also Deadmou5 – to your national FM broadcast, this kind of mix is by itself crap! However, maybe not to get Euro Hits.101.

Address: РФ, 117105, г. Москва, Варшавское шоссе, дом 9, строение 1А (корпус Гастелло, БЦ «Даниловская мануфактура»)
Phone: +7-495-258-33-44
Email: copyright@vkpm.ru
+7 (495) 921-40-41

Info of The Station

Name : 101.RU – Euro Hits
Location : Russia
Language :  Russian
Social Link : Facebook, Wikipedia
Website : 101.ru

101.RU - Euro Hits
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