Radio Barca FM 99.6

Radio Barca FM 99.6


Radio Barca FM 99.6 is a local, generalist radio station of Portugal. It is started its activities as “RADIO PIRATA” on March 1, 1987. During the legalization process of the local radio stations, it ceased its emissions by legal imperative, retaking them in 13 of May 1989, after the respective license was issued.

258 480 700
Rua Cónego Avelino Jesus Costa, nº 21 – 2º Tras., Apartado 24, 4980 – 632 Ponte da Barca, Portugal

Info of The Station

Name : Radio Barca FM 99.6
Type : MP3
Location : Ponte da Barca, Portugal
Language : Portuguese
Twitter : Nil
Website :
Radio Barca FM 99.6
Radio Barca FM 99.6
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