Radio San Martin 97.7 FM is a Christian radio station that aims to spread the word of God through various forms of programming. The station is located in a community that has a strong Christian presence, and it seeks to serve and uplift its listeners through its content. The programming includes a mix of music, preaching, and teaching, with a focus on biblical principles and Christian values.

Listeners of Radio San Martin 97.7 FM can expect to hear a variety of music genres, including contemporary Christian music, gospel, and hymns. The preaching and teaching segments feature local pastors and teachers who provide insight into biblical topics and offer guidance and encouragement for listeners.


Location : Arequipa, Peru
Language : Spanish
Frequency : 97.7 FM
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook
Website :
Address: Deán Valdivia 221 Arequipa
Phone Number
: +51 54 215190

Radio San Martin
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