Radio Poder Inka

Radio Poder Inka


Radio Poder Inka is a popular radio station located in Peru, a country located in South America. The station broadcasts its programs in Spanish and Quechua, which is an indigenous language spoken in many parts of the Andes region. The station is well-known for its focus on promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of the Andean people, and its programming reflects this commitment. In addition to music, news, and entertainment, it features programs that explore Andean spirituality, traditional medicine, and other aspects of Andean culture. The station is particularly popular among Quechua-speaking listeners, and it has a loyal following in many parts of Peru. With its unique blend of contemporary and traditional content, it is a valuable resource for those interested in Andean culture and the Quechua language.


Name : Radio Poder Inka
Location : Cusco, Peru
Language : Spanish

Radio Poder Inka
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