Radio Estación X 102.1 FM

Radio Estación X 102.1 FM


Radio Estación X 102.1 FM is a popular radio station located in the San Martín region of Peru. The station is known for its lively and diverse programming, which includes a mix of cumbia, salsa, reggaeton, Latin pop, and other genres of music. It also features news updates, interviews, and cultural programming, with a focus on providing a comprehensive and engaging listening experience for its audience. With its vibrant mix of music and content, It has become a go-to choice for listeners in San Martín and beyond who enjoy upbeat and dynamic radio programming.


Name : Radio Estación X 102.1 FM
Location : San Martín, Peru
Language : Spanish
Frequency : 102.1 FM
Social Link : Facebook
Website :
E-mail :

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