J-Pop Sakura 懐かしい

J-Pop Sakura – asia DREAM radio


J-Pop Sakura – asia DREAM radio – “J-Pop Sakura” is a popular radio program on “asia DREAM radio” that showcases Japanese pop music, commonly known as J-Pop. The radio station features a diverse selection of J-Pop songs from various artists and genres, providing listeners with a vibrant and energetic musical experience from Japan’s vibrant music scene. The program likely includes music from well-known J-Pop artists like Arashi, Perfume, Hikaru Utada, EXILE, and many others, as well as up-and-coming talents that appeal to a broad audience of J-Pop enthusiasts.

Email: asiadreamradio@gmail.com

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Info of The Station

Name : J-PopSakura – asia DREAM radio
Location : Japan
Language : Japanese
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook
Website : asiadreamradio.com

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asia DREAM Japan Hits - Japan Hits - asia DREAM radio
Mika Nakashima - MISSION
V6 - サンダーバード -your voice-
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