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IlmusSalaf Radio – This site is proposed to display Islam to the every one of the individuals who look for the Truth and the True reason for one’s life. The wellsprings of genuine learning are Quran and Sunnah, and these are to be taken upon the comprehension of the most punctual three ages of Muslims (Salafus-Swalih or Pious Predecessors). These have been uncovered in the Arabic Language. What’s more, this information is conveyed by Pious Scholars till the Last day. Whosoever wishes to enter the Paradise without the torments of Hellfire in the great beyond, ought to procure it from these right sources, through the right medium, from the ideal individuals! Malayalam Duroos on this site are not a substitute, rather a brief course of action till you learn Arabic and get it in the best possible way. Learning Arabic is our religious obligation. Darul Hadeeth As-Salafiyya, Kerala was named in that capacity by Shaykh Rabee Al Madkhali حفظه الله May Allah Guide us in the straight way.

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Name : Ilmus Salaf
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Ilmus Salaf
Ilmus Salaf
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