Tune us on the main frequency 104.3 – possibly:
Pisek and Strakonice 93.6.
Strakonice 90.1
Chapels, Lipensko, Novohradsko, Trebonsko to 87.6.
Czech Krumlov camp on 88.0.
Pelhřimovsko to 98.3.

Hitrádio Faktor resides in the Czech Budejovice in the street at the Three Lions 5th
Phone to the studio: 38901104 3
Toll Free (information on weather and traffic): 800,800,101
Toll Free (Zone of Love – Messages): 800,100,514
e-mail: studio.faktor@hitradio.cz

Hitrádio factor belongs to a family Hitrádio Czech Republic and is also a member of the most powerful business network of local and regional stations MMS Radio Network Media Marketing Services, a leader in all major regional markets.

 Info of The Station

Name :  Hitrádio Faktor
Type :  MP3
Location :  Budejovice, Czech Republic
Fb Link :  fb/hitradiofaktor
Website :  www.hitradiofaktor.cz
hitrádio faktor
Hitrádio Faktor
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