Rádio Irecê Líder FM

Rádio Irecê Líder FM


Rádio Irecê Líder FM – Under the direction of the businessman J. Sidney, the Radio and Television of Irecê Ltda. began to work on 23/12/1991, opening new perspectives and showing what is good and bad in the region of Irecê. Today, with a dedicated team of professionals, the Irecê Líder FMRadio is a source of pride for the Ireceans, because it has been designing the name of the Irecê region for the country and the world, through the Internet. One of the reasons for Líder FM’s success is due to the credibility it has with public opinion and the maintenance of its open space for all: opposition, situation and people have space to speak, debate and vindicate.

Info of The Station

Name : Rádio Irecê Líder FM
Location : Brazil
Language : Portuguese
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook
Website : www.irecelider.com.br
Rádio Irecê Líder FM
Rádio Irecê Líder FM
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