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Welcome to most popular . Kunst Literatur Kultur Musik Online Radio Station. The great Walter Elias Disney says: “Dreams do come true, if you have the courage to believe.” And I for character I have always believed that dreaming is not a silly way to live, but the desire to constantly surprise and wonder for challenges in which we believe.
And here I am now for another challenge, ready to get involved … and as stated Vincent Van Gogh: “What would life be if we had the courage to take chances?”
Yes, I love challenges, I love life, I love art, poetry, literature, theater, music, science, journalism, communication … I love all that fills the existence, the heart, the view , the mind.
It would be pointless for me life without the pleasure of reading a book, listening to music, going to the theater or the cinema, visit art exhibitions, museums, churches, attend lectures etc., That is why we dream another site unites all these things.
It ‘a project arduous … but together you can come true, just have a great desire, energy, fantasy, a bit of resourcefulness with much common sense and caution, but also courage, courage, courage because only the brave can “get where even angels dare to fly. “And always remember that:” The courage commands respect even to enemies. “(Alexandre Dumas).

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Kunst Literatur Kultur Musik
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