Radio AYK in his first reached shed on September 21 and today It has completed four years, which is infinite and ongoing broadcast. Ratio four years, AIG has evaluated the way your messages confirming that it will remain Aig Ration his outstanding efforts of an Armenian online ration such that the pattern of his daily struggle, dreams and strives horizonnerun air flights. Strengthening the Armenia-Diaspora bridge, culture and language of keeping the mission we were awarded the first prize on behalf of the Ministry of Diaspora. To see our work hayanuer sealed cooperative relations, Public Radio of Armenia, Yerkir Media, Asbarez and Horizon TV US TV Cilicia, Patriarchate of Constantinople Church live, Australia Church Videos, Videos Azdak newspaper, news website yghumi Contact Tricolor.`

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Name :  Radio AYK
Type :  MP3
Location :  United Arab Emirates
Language :  Armenian
Twitter  :  @radioayk
Website :
radio ayk
Radio AYK
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Lerner Hayreni - Armenian Song by Vatche
Kedashen - Vatche 2016
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