Jil Fm 94.7 Live

Jil Fm 94.7 Live


Jil Fm 94.7 Live is a Radio Algeria as well as music radio station. It is a private radio station in Algeria that was founded in 2012. It is one of the most popular radio stations in the country, known for its mix of contemporary Arabic music, news, and entertainment programming. The station is headquartered in Algiers and has a large listener base throughout the country. In addition to its regular programming, Jil Fm 94.7 Live also offers live events, such as concerts and competitions, to engage with its listeners and create a sense of community. With its focus on music and entertainment, it provides a unique and enjoyable listening experience for its audience in Algeria.


Name : Jil Fm

Location : Chrea, Algeria

Language : Arabic

Frequency : 94.7 FM

Owner : Radio algérienne (ENRS)

Social Link : Twitter, Facebook

Website : http://www.radioalgerie.dz

E-mail : jilfm@algerian-radio.dz

Phone Number: +213 21 69 27 27

Date of Foundation: January 15, 2012

Address: 12, rue Shakespeare 16209 El Mouradia, Alger

Jil Fm 94.7 Live
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