Audio Bunker

Audio Bunker

United Kingdom

Audio Bunker is designed to bring together like minded people who have grown through the ages of underground dance music.

AB1 channel is dedicated to house music & the many forms it’s taken since the early 1980s.

Our new AB2 channel represents other styles. Drum n Bass, Jungle, Hip Hop, 80s soul & funk, disco, rhythm & blues, ambient etc, the list goes on, ranging from the lost & forgotten tracks, to the upfront & cutting edge tunes of the underground dance music scene.

We’ve all used & heard the phrase “I love this track!” A tune brings back memories of a special time, place or person. Whether from a club, rave, party, or from school days. Everyone has these moments, & it’s our mission & our DJ’s to serve our listeners with the very best, past, present, & future dance music.

The station was created & is managed by: Terry T Riley, Tara Ransome, Lenny Field.

Name  Audio Bunker
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Audio Bunker
Audio Bunker
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