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Tamils Flash FM all of you are invited to the house of amusement that has been created to provide you the best radio experience. It is no matter whether you are living in India or anywhere in the world. With popular music singer of India and from the worldwide it is all set up to provide you to a musical world where you are going to come again and again. The songs lists of Tamils Flash FM also takes on genres like pop, rap, rock, hip-hop, trance, electro house, country, soft etc. So, be with Tamils Flash FM and get fun 24/7 and enjoy.

It is one of the online largest Tamil youth radio playing station and the largest radio broadcasting company that primarily targets Tamils listeners. Pro forma for recently announced transactions, Tamils FlashFm owns and/or operates 2 radio studios located in Germany and France.

Our strategy is to get bigger within our obtainable markets and into new markets that have a important Tamil Youth company. We believe radio broadcasting first and foremost targeting Tamils has major growth potential. We also believe that we have a ready for action advantage in the Tamil radio market and the radio industry in general, due to our primary focus on urban formats, our skill in programming and marketing these formats, and our turnaround skill.

Name :  Tamils Flash FM
Type :  MP3
Country :  India
Facebook :  facebook.com/TamilsFlashFM
Twitter :  twitter.com/TamilsFlashFm
Website :  tamilsflashfm.com
Tamils Flash FM
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