P4 Kalmar is Sweden’s entire channel. It is the fast and currently the channel based on your everyday life. Every day listening to more than three million, more than three hours on our programs. P4 are also crisis and emergency channel that can constantly provide the public with important information.

The P4 has everything you need including sports and children’s programming and broad radio entertainment in the form of both classic and new ventures. The range is wide and popular with popular programs such as The X Melody, P4 Extra, Call so we play, the Swedish charts, Big Dipper and Elfving encounter. If you like music, there are several special programs Dance P4, P4 and P4 Live Music with music from small and big stages around the country.

Radiohuset i Kalmar
Norra vägen 22
391 83 Kalmar
0480-45 80 00

Info of The Station

Name :  P4 Kalmar
Type :  MP3
Location :  Kalmar, Sweden
Language :  Swedish
Website :  sverigesradio.se
p4 kalmar
P4 Kalmar
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