Kungsbacka Närradioförening

Kungsbacka Närradioförening


Kungsbacka Närradioförening – The first broadcasts began at Kungsbacka in the fall of 1985. On 5 October. it was a solemn opening with a ribbon cutting as well as a trumpet fanfare. This was the Pentecostal Church as well as that of the Emanuel Church that were the main factors in the creation of local radio. The first radio studio for local radio located in the Kungsbacka municipality was constructed by the Pentecostal Church. Numerous broadcasting associations/churches as well as political organizations made use of the church’s potential to broadcast local radio stations.

Address: Box 10054 434 21 Kungsbacka
E-mail : kontakt@radiokungsbacka.se


Name : Kungsbacka Närradioförening
Location : Kungsbacka, Sweden
Language : Svenska
Frequency : 95.2 FM/AM
Website : www.radiokungsbacka.se

Kungsbacka Närradioförening
Kungsbacka Närradioförening
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