K103 Gothenburg Studentradio provides a variety of news and editorial content, as well as new young and exciting music. Locally produced and distributed by and Gothenburg students. It is the sole cohesive student media that targets students at both Chalmers as well as Gothenburg. University of Gothenburg. It is also a crucial connection between Gothenburg’s city Gothenburg with the Gothenburg students. Through K103, students find out what’s going on at Gothenburg and the typical Gothenburg student discovers what’s happening in the student world. We are familiar with the world of students. We are familiar with Gothenburg. We have radio.

Address: Götabergsgatan 17, SE-411 34 Gothenburg
E-mail : info@k103.se
Phone Number: +46 31 18 22 57


Name : K103
Location : Gothenburg, Sweden
Language : Svenska
Social Link : Facebook, Wikipedia
Website : www.k103.se

K103 Gothenburg
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