radio krasnaya armiya

Radio Krasnaya Armiya


Radio Krasnaya Armiya – In the broadcast sounds optimal ratio of domestic and foreign music. The general idea of ​​our size is to more tightly as possible to keep the listener is able to enjoy an interesting sound and the unexpected appearance of forgotten, but today it is very relevant tracks. Our feature is that we are always anxiously we seek the most rare and interesting tracks of Russian and Western artists to acquaint the public with the works that have been ignored by the music industry for a long time or do not play other radio stations, but very worth it.

625019, г. Тюмень, ул. Республики, 211а, 7 этаж

Info of The Station

Name : Radio Krasnaya Armiya
Type : MP3
Location : Tyumen, Russia
Language : Russian
Website :
radio krasnaya armiya
Radio Krasnaya Armiya
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