Питер ФМ

Питер ФМ


Radio Peter FM (Питер ФМ) can be a channel for people that believe themselves Petersburgers, regardless of what corner of this planet he was born at… A Petersburger isn’t really a nationality, not an address, not just a house or even a street. This really is a frame of mind! This really is an entire fortune that’s acquired through time… through time, the Spirit is packed with all the soul of courtyards-wells, granite embankments, damp early morning and end of this oriental storms… through time, the Spirit absorbs the great thing about the creations of Quarenghi, Montferrand, Rastrelli, and Falcone.

Address: ул. Шевченко, д. 27, Санкт-Петербург, Россия, 199406
Phone: (812) 325-68-06

Info of The Station

Name : Питер ФМ
Location : Russia
Language :  Russian
Social Link : FB
Website : www.radiopiterfm.ru

Питер ФМ
Питер ФМ
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