Народное Славянское Радио

Народное Славянское Радио


“Narodnoe Slavyanskoe Radio” (Народное Славянское Радио) can be a open platform for communicating and unification of sensible individuals, built to look for the facts, to comprehend our past and know where, why and just how exactly to proceed. We encourage most honorable folks to take part in the”radio broadcasts” for whom what: Russia, Motherland,” Legacy of Ancestors, healthful lifestyle, Truth and Conscience aren’t empty noises. Individuals who aren’t indifferent to this history, present and future of Russia and its own people possess the proper expressing their standpoint “Narodniy Slavyanskiy Radio”.


Info of The Station

Name : Народное Славянское Радио
Location : Russia
Language :  Russian
Social LinkFacebook
Website : slavradio.org

Народное Славянское Радио
Народное Славянское Радио
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