energiya zhizni

Energiya Zhizni


Energiya Zhizni – The radio station in Ermolino, founded in 2010. It does not have a dominant musical format, it is aimed at people of different age, nationality, level of prosperity and education, who live on this big, gradually becoming close planet. At the moment, the Russian and foreign retro, instrumental, folk, pop, rock, songs of such bands and performers as Alexander Marshal, Evgeny Dyatlov, the group of the National team, Julio Iglesias, Ion Surucheanu, Yuri Shcherbakov, Oleg Ivanov, the group “Mazar-i-Sharif”, the group “MMDANCE”, Lyudmila Nikolaeva, Muslim Magomayev and many others .

Info of The Station

Name : Energiya Zhizni
Type : MP3
Location : Yermolino, Russia
Language : Russian
Website : nirenr.ru
energiya zhizni
Energiya Zhizni
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