The main objective of RadioAMLO is to inform and disseminate the alternative nation project, including all the information generated by our leader and legitimate president of Mexico: Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador; RadioAMLO’s function is to give a voice to the people and their causes, always respecting the presidential inauguration.

We are a Free and Independent Media, which does not receive or has received financial or other resources from a group or political party, nor from Andrés Manuel López Obrador or a person close to him; Therefore, the project is based on the contributions that each of its members provides

In RadioAMLO there is no censorship, intolerance, discrimination, slander or defamation. Our principles are honesty, horizontality, transparency and teamwork.

The main objective is to inform and disseminate the Alternative Nation Project, including all the information generated by Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the National Regeneration Movement and its Advisory Council, and also, give a voice to the People and just causes , respecting our internal documents and without insulting the institutions of the movement.

Those of us who do RadioAMLO are for a just, democratic cause of absolute freedom. Not for fame or profit, therefore, any role of any of its collaborators is ruled out.
Those of us who collaborate in the Radio, commit ourselves to being responsible, ethical and, above all, professional in the effort that we are carrying out.

Address: México 82180
Phone: 6691930950
WhatsApp: 5568630318

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