crazy fm

Crazy FM


The Crazy Miskolc FM 88.7 MHz-air and on-line on the Web site of the the top left corner. Radio on purpose to touch and interest in local youth issues and topics to be discussing forum, fun way. A think tank that allows artists (DJs) debut appearance. Struktúránkat program designed accordingly.
The Crazy FM broadcast information for young people for cultural purposes in addition to the various layers of electronic music trends by presenting well established. We would like to present a musical styles, which is heard elsewhere in the listener.
Keeping the radio on credible information in mind regularly inform the population of the city of Miskolc and ongoing connection with the city public life – cultural and sporting events.
Many candidates weekly magazine program to fulfill this role. Try us and listen to ads or relaxing while working at home, at work, in your car.


Info of The Station

Name :  Crazy FM
Type :  MP3
Location :  Miskolc, Hungary
Language :  Hungarian
Twitter Link :  @Crazy_FM
Website :
crazy fm
Crazy FM
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