EBM Radio Playlist

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Now Playing:

Fred JZL - This World
Velvet Acid Christ - Inhale Blood
Militant Cheerleaders On The Move - Neuropa
Grendel - Dirty
AmGod - Revolution 1999
yelworC - Recall
No Sleep By The Machine - Bequest
Mentallo & The Fixer - Peril
Front 242 - Happiness (Live At Vintage Tour 2008)
No Comment - You Spin Me Round
Distatix - Disappear
Skinny Puppy - Empte (Live)
Lujhboia - Darkhysteria
Signal Aout 42 - Religion
John Spring - Ultimate (Conair Mix)
Plastic Assault - Shotgun Blast
Severe Illusion - Crash Test
Lether Strip - Tell Me What To Do
Nigra Nebula - Tanz Den Mussolini
Pankow - Stupidity (FM+Paolo Mix)
Hocico - Army Of Puppets
Gabi Delgado - Tiere
Exocet - Strong Lines
Dementia Simplex - Hollow Moon
Edenfeld - Circle
S.A.M - 24 Stunden
George Chatzis - After Paros Island
Klut - Vultures Circle
E-Craft - Easy To F**K!
Vomito Negro - Meeting Eyes